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    Lampe Berger
    Route d'Elbeuf- B.P.21
    T. 02 32 96 95 40
    F. 02 35 87 95 20
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    Show Room
    Marie Dagallier, assistante de Mr Le Bourg
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    Lampe Berger

    Aktivität : Hersteller
    'Today an essential for purifying and fragrancing your interior, LAMPE BERGER PARIS is indisputably the market leader in interior air quality, owing to its effectiveness in eliminating unpleasant odours and through the quality of its fragrancing. Each of its fragrances, created in France by great Master Perfumers, tells a marvelous story which also become yours. Faraway journeys, gentle scents of childhood, voluptuous fragrances? so many pure olfactory emotions which will bring enchantment to your life. LAMPE BERGER PARIS remains true to its pioneering reputation by opening the doors to a new olfactory, sensory world with a revolutionary diffusion method, Easy  ScentTM. Cold diffusion of alcohol free fragrances enriched with essential oils combined with fragrances which have the ability to fill the air? with wonderful moods! LAMPE BERGER PARIS products are available on our online shop www.lampeberger.fr Become FAN of LAMPE BERGER PARIS on Facebook. Link : https://www.facebook.com/LAMPEBERGERPARIS

    Produkte von Lampe Berger

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    Lampe Berger -  - Duftöllampe
    59 € ca.
    Lampe Berger -  - Duftöllampe
    55 € ca.
    95 € ca.
    Lampe Berger -  - Duftspender Objekt
    Duftspender Objekt
    49 € ca.