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    Via delle industrie 16
    Salzano (VE)
    T. +39 041 57 41 270
    F. 3904 15 74 12 47
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    Murano Due

    Aktivität : Hersteller
    Murano Due has its roots in the millenary tradition of the artistic glass works of Murano. Now brand division of Firme di Vetro S.p.A., it obtained the Quality Management System Certification by operating in conformity with the European norms and by guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the products to its customers. An efficient and well prepared team of experts ensures that the products meet all the stringent quality criteria of the Venetian island glass wares with the added benefit of the use of new materials. At Murano Due, the research and development of new materials and the study of new forms take turns to create lamps that boast high levels of accuracy in the functions and innovation in design. This goal is achieved also thanks to partnerships with several designers whose names are more and more well known in the world of design. The brand's distinctive features are elegance and purity of intentionally innovative shapes and lines. Amongst the materials employed, glass holds a special place carrying forward the tradition that the name of the brand evokes. Glass adapts easily to every setting bringing a touch of elegance and meets the needs of those who favour originality and modernity in their style.
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    Produkte von Murano Due

    (24 Produkte)
    Murano Due - mirage - Deckenlampe Hängelampe

    Designer : Filippo Caprioglio

    Lichtbündel wie Laserstrahlen geben den Formen und Dimensionen der Räume ein neues Aussehen.

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    Murano Due -  - Scheinwerfer
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    Murano Due -  - Stehlampe
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