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    Bonacina Pierantonio
    Via S. Andrea 20
    Lurago d'Erba (CO)
    T. +39 031 699225
    F. +39 031 696151
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    Bonacina Pierantonio

    Activité : Hersteller
    A modern company with a history and heritage entwined with the finest furniture making. Bonacina Pierantonio resides in Lurago d'Erba, in Brianza ' very close to Milan - an area with an outstanding tradition of working with timber. The proximity to Milan, international centre of design, has encouraged the collaboration of the company with the best architects and designers influencing the taste and evolution of Bonacina Pierantonio. Bonacina Pierantonio produces design furniture products using either natural materials like leather string, woven leather, wicker or technological materials resulting from specific research like: Krilon®, Rolon, Polypeel and Polycore. The collections present the best of international design and are an example of the quality of "made in Italy" product. They inspire the sense of "beauty and quality", the concept of contemporary living is interpreted as physical and emotional wellness. Each product, even when repeated, is a unique piece of design joining together the aesthetical sense of its original creation with the valued hand-made techniques combined with the technology and the know-how of the company. The intense focus during the development phase, the attention to detail and the hand-finished details represent the quality of the products realized. The excellence of working techniques is not ostentation and luxury, but elegance and quality of the object itself. The resulting emotion is something visible and tangible, it is the result of an extraordinary combination of creativity, handicraft ability and advanced production technologies.
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    Produkte von Bonacina Pierantonio

    (17 Produits)
    Bonacina Pierantonio - circus03 - Garten Couchtisch


    Garten couchtisch

    Designer : Tito Agnoli

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    Bonacina Pierantonio -  - Gartensessel
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    Bonacina Pierantonio - manta - Gartensessel



    Designer : Urbino Lomazzi

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    Bonacina Pierantonio - stripes - Gartensofa


    Designer : Piero Lissoni

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    Bonacina Pierantonio -  - Gartensofa
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    Bonacina Pierantonio -  - Strandkabine
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    Bonacina Pierantonio -  - Strandkabine
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    MILAN - 03/2011

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