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arturo alvarez

The company, arturo alvarez, was established in 1994 in Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of Spain. Since then it has been dedicated to the design and production of all types of decorative Lighting products for residential, exterior, hospitality, and commercial installations.

The philosophy of the company has always been to offer original objects that are sober and timeless, yet also exclusive and warm, for private and public environments, adaptable to a wide range of interior design and architectural styles.

The designer Arturo Álvarez, one of the company's founders, is the creator of a signature style, a refreshing take on decorative illumination.

Design and innovation. He still invests heavily in design and innovation and continues exploring, together with his team, always searching for and developing new technologies and alternative
materials for use in decorative lighting.

When the company was established by Arturo Álvarez, he started by re-inventing the lighting technique of tiffany, attaining timeless, beautiful and simple objects with great personality. In the recent years he has started to re-construe common materials of daily use, removing them from their standard surroundings and then looking for a new use.

This research and original innovation have allowed him to successfully launch to the market collections in which polypropylene, Italian glass mosaic, glass on acrylic or silicone with metallic structure are the key to new applications of that row materials.

The evolution of this firm, since its beginning, is aimed at answering the increasing demand and needs of the market, both technical and aesthetic, as well as the practical utility that a Lighting product should provide.

'EMOTIONAL LIGHT' is the identifying way of expressing the spirit and the philosophy of 'arturo alvarez'.
Our work is addressed to the human being with its needs and interests, not only the material and technical, but also the subtlest and most important ones, as the emotional. We pretend our designs to provoke positive mental reactions and well-being.

OUR MISSION: With special attention to take care to all the details we put all our enthusiasm, ways and means in offering handmade designs, able to satisfy all the luminary and emotional needs of the human being.

We broad this concept of the human being as the centre of our project towards the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: 'arturo alvarez' is absolutely involved in developing the emotional, delicate and human aspects in all the areas of activity of the company within the society.
Campaigns of arturo alvarez with the Spanish NGO "Ayuda en Acción" during the last years

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