Cécile Mairet
79 rue des Eglises
T. 06 30 27 32 84
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Cécile Mairet

Aktivitäten : Hersteller, Designer  
Cécile Mairet and Gilles Ansel draw and realize for fifteen years decorations, custom-made furniture and singular objects. The mixture of the styles and the techniques make their trademark. They installed their common studio at the heart of Hunchbacked Alsace and it is to Tieffenbach, that these two professionals of art professions develop their creations. Always in search of new ideas, Cécile Mairet and Gilles Ansel, position in the contemporary world with a graphic, design and custom-made style. Together, they suggest you letting in the art to your holdings! Ligths : www.gillesansel.com Chairs : www.cecilemairet.fr Contact: contact@cigil.fr 79 street of churches 67290 Tieffenbach - France ( 33 ) 6 30 27 32 84 to www.cigil.fr

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