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Selection by Philippe Demougeot

After graduating Political sciences from the University of Lyon and the Ecole Boulle in 1988, Philippe Demougeot joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d?Architecture (ENSA) of Paris La Villette, under the supervision of the architect and town-planner Roland Castro. Licensed architect in 1995, he was hired by Marie Blanchard, with whom he managed several projects of hotel trade in Nice. Then he left for two years in China where he created lots of apartments, businesses and restaurants projects. In 2000, he came back to France and started his own agency of architecture and interior design: People's Republic of Design. Among his works, we notice a significant number of houses, apartments, lofts as well as professional places. General audience knows Philippe Demougeot thanks to the television. The viewers discovered his works for the first time in the broadcast "Du Côté de Chez Vous" on the first French TV channel. Thanks to its expertise in architecture and design, he then presented as an adviser, the section ?SOS Maison » of the broadcast « Question Maison » on France 5, from 2003 till 2010. The architect solved very concrete issues such as : how to restructure a room, how to create a room or a bathroom, how to appropriate an unused surface, how to modify an atmosphere or still make livable a blind room..


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