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    Maranon Hängematte Sockel

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    525 € ca. $



    Pretty hammock stand in anodized aluminum. The ARC is a highly skilled ALU made ??hammock stand with beautiful details. The advantage of this aluminum hammock support over a wooden hammock support, it is much easier to disassemble and assemble is. There is no distortion by wamte or moisture. The bolts are stainless steel. The hammock frame is extremely sturdy and yet very graceful. Ideally suited for professional use (hotels, etc.) or for large gardens, terraces or wooden pool or beach. The carrying capacity is 250kg and the hammock support is suitable for all L (double) and for almost all of our extra large hammocks.


    • Herkunft : Niederlande
    • Entstehungsjahr : 2012

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