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TRESCALINI - Geländer-TRESCALINI-Raily : garde-corps verre extra clair

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Geländer - Raily : garde corps verre extra clair

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Extra clear glass railing, tempered glass double stratification 8+8mm with rail lateral fixation system : Raily Our glass railings are available with two different systems : Glassy and Raily. The Glassy is a stainless steel cylinder lateral fixation glass railing The Raily is a stainless steel or steel rail system that receives the the glass piece and can be put in lateral or at the floor (encatsrated or not) Trescalini is a brand of the company CasaLux Home Design. Our structures, stairs and ballustrades are available in a large range of materials, meanly : glass, stainless steel, steel and wood. We can fit to any special design and material request. Freedom of materials and shapes, the limit is your imagination.

Produktmerkmale Produktmerkmale
  • Herkunft : FRANKREICH
  • Materialien : Lackierter Stahl, Glas, Hartglas
  • Farbe : Durchsichtig
  • Stil : Modern
  • Designer : Trescalini (www.trescalini.fr)
  • Ref. Hrst. : Trescalini - grade-corps verre Raily

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