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    LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE Duftkerze - Bougie parfumée poudre de riz sublimatio

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    Poudre de Riz Scented Candle Sublimation

    100% vegetable wax composed of soy oil , coconut oil and mango butters, 200g (7.05oz), Poudre de Riz GRASSE fragrance. 100% vegetable and vegan wax! Our scented candles contain an exceptional vegetable wax, composed of soy oil, coconut oil and mango butter. These three natural ingredients were gleaned through unique processes: the coconut and soy oils are extracted from coconut pulp and soy plants; while the mango butter is extracted by pressing the almond (or core) contained in the mango. This trio of ingredients has been selected by our candle-producing partner in order to create a wax that reflects traditional expertise and combines luxury with quality and tradition.


    • Herkunft : Spanien
    • Materialien : Glas, Wachs
    • Farbe : Weiß
    • Stil : Klassisch

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