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STAR THEATRE - Planetrium-STAR THEATRE-Super Star Theatre

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Planetrium - Super star theatre

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In your own home, an authentic planetarium with over 100,000 stars that you can set onto whatever day and time you want.

Super Star Theatre is the most advanced portable planetarium around, providing an exceptionally clear and brilliant view of the night sky even in not entirely darkened rooms. The starry sky turns at three different speeds and then there is the unexpected surprise of sudden shooting stars. Tell it to show you the starry sky on whatever day and time you choose!

Product Features:

Starry sky image projection function: it projects images of about 120.000 stars (monochrome disks). The first in the world to enable a home use planetarium to project more than 100.000 stars.
Diurnal motion function (monochrome disks): the rotating direction of the starry sky image can be changed clockwise or counterclockwise in 3 stages of speed.
Random shooting star function: shooting stars are projected randomly any time, place, and direction.
Projection date and time specification function (monochrome disks): date and time of the sky to be projected as desired.
Timer function: the main unit can be turned OFF automatically according to the time set; after about 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

» Color: black
» Dimensions: 24x28,5x24 cm.
» Details: proiettore, dedicated AC adapter, dedicated disks of Northern Hemisphere.
» Light source: high brightness white led
(14 watt)
» Projection surface: ceiling, wall or other flat surfaces
» Optimum projection distance: 200-230 cm (adjustable focus)
» Projection range: a circle approx. 300 cm in diameter
» Remote controller: for normal projection function and projection date and time specification function...

Produktmerkmale Produktmerkmale
  • Herkunft : ITALIEN
  • Materialien : Acryl, Plastik
  • Farbe : Grau
  • Stil : Design
  • Designer : Takayuki Ohira
  • Entstehungsjahr : 2009
  • Preis : 499 € ca.   $
  • Ref. Hrst. : HS99419

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