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    JG Group Bürosessel - Ixion

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    IXiON, ergonomic and high tech design, equipped with negative inclination as standard feature and back syncro movement for a best mobility. It is considered as an avantgardist product. Tecnology to the user's health.

    # Backrest height 58 cm.
    # Seat and back are made up of 55 kg. injected foam.
    # 0,65 m needed fabric, 1,40 m2 leather approx.
    # Seat adjustable in height through safety gas lift (39-51 cm). Mechanical cushioning for total Extra Comfort. Ref. AC
    # Back tension regulator from 40 kg to 110 kg.
    # Inclination seat back (Syncro-Ergo), 4 positions with load controlled brake with safety non return system and negative inclination of the chair as standard feature.
    # Seat depth adjustment (41-47 cm.). Optional, included in Ixion 30 and 32.
    # Back adjustment in height through rack mechanic system (63-69 cm).
    # Original Schukra® lumbar support.
    # Head rest covered in fabric for a best comfort.
    # Inclination Seat back free Total-Dynamic, for an improvement of the blood vertebral irrigation.
    # Arms widht adjustment.


    • Herkunft : Spanien
    • Stil : Modern

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