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    MULTIFORME Deckenlampe hängelampe - Stratus r

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    Stratus R is an extremely versatile collection, both the metal structure and the decorations can be widely customised to meet the customer taste. The Stratus R collection includes different types of lighting, such as ceiling lights and suspension lights; the structure can have various sizes. The crystal ceiling light Stratus R can be positioned above a table, but it can also be used as a module to decorate large spaces or for projects in the contract sector. Also the number of crystal layers can be choosen by the customer; it determines the lenght of the lighting work. This allows to place Stratus R in rooms with high ceiling, but also to adapt it to small rooms.


    • Herkunft : Italien
    • Materialien : Kristall
    • Stil : Modern
    • Kollektion : STRATUS R
    • Designer : MULTIFORME

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